Spring Reads: Tackling the TBR Pile!

There have been many, MANY books I have wanted to buy, clutch, read, weep over, re-read and so forth over the past few months. But unfortunately I can’t read full-time so I’ve tackled my TBR pile book by book. And this is what I’ve found so far…



HALF LOST by Sally Green – ***51+AoxKboxL._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_

I was really torn over this book. I think it’s quite a marmite book after such an incredible first and second book, which I personally felt was a shame, but I know that this is a series I won’t forget in a hurry! Those first two books especially were excellent, and I would encourage everyone who hasn’t read this series to go pick it up because I really did enjoy the first two books. Watching all these threads fly loose, tie together, and unravel again made for a really compelling read and I know that I’ll be reading whatever Sally Green writes next.


SOLITAIRE by Alice Oseman – *****

I ADORED this book. It was a book20618110 I took with me wherever I went so I could read more of it. In waiting rooms, while the kettle was boiling, in the world’s longest IKEA queue…
Solitaire grabbed me and I could NOT put it down! I loved the main character, Tori, and how she presents so many things about being a teenager that are not usually talked about (in my experience of teenage fiction). A teenager who doesn’t want to go off to university but doesn’t want to be rebelling and causing mayhem in the way the mysterious Solitaire group are… I particularly loved watching her friendships, and the way that Oseman presents a character who has friends but equally can seem like you have to have friends for friends’ sake – and who hasn’t felt like that as a teenager? I also liked the fact it was set at sixth form age, when teenagers are starting to have to figure out how they’re going to navigate the big wide world and how basically NOBODY PREPARES YOU FOR THIS. I would press this into the hands of anyone I meet and I cannot WAIT to read Radio Silence, her second novel.



THE SIN EATER’S DAUGHTER by Melinda Salisbury – ****

This was a curiosity for me to begin with. I am, if nothing else, a vociferous reader of fantasy and LOVE anything that sounds of the style that this novel is. It was a slow burner; I read the first fifty or so pages over a night or two before going to bed and I could have put it down, but oh my oh my how wrong I would have been! We hit about page eighty and all of a sudden I was compelled to keep reading as new information, new characteristics and new motives started to rear their heads. My love for the characters increased a hundred fold in the space of about two chapters, and I finished it dying to read the sequel.

Which brings us nicely on to…


THE SLEEPING PRINCE by Melinda Salisbury – *****

I don’t actually know how to talk about this book because there are so many plot twists I feel I can’t say anything without accidentally spoiler-ing at least a fraction of the story! Suffice to say that any fears I had of this being written from a new character’s perspective were allayed immediately. Errin was such an easy character to relate to, with obvious challenges facing her from the very beginning, that I read this all in one sitting and then sat up gazing into space in COMPLETE AND UTTER SHOCK because *SPOILER REDACTED* I got quite a few strange looks from the others in the cafe. But did they not just see the trauma I suffered at the hands of a novel?! This will leave you absolutely desperate for the third instalment of this series; I don’t know how I’m going to survive until next spring, when it is expected to hit bookshops. All I can say is… Brace yourself.



And finally… CROW MOON by Anna McKerrow – ****


This one was recommended by all the lovely people from #ukyachat ! Having read the Half Bad books, I was a little apprehensive about reading another ‘witch’ book, but I am very glad I read this one! It was such a different take on witches that I very quickly stopped being apprehensive about tropes or stereotypes. Sure, there were tarot cards and stuff, but the way McKerrow used these in her story made sure it was very different to any other ‘witch’ book I have read. The focus on the environment made things a lot more interesting in terms of the world it was set in, rather than being a modern city or a fantasy world (which are the two stories, apart from Discworld, where I have ever encountered witches in YA!). In places I found things a little slow going, and it did take me a little while to get into the wider plot of what was going on outside Greenworld, which is obviously where this series is headed, but nevertheless I have just picked up RED WITCH as my curiosity has been piqued as to what happens next! And I love Melz. Obv.


What books are on your TBR pile? What books should I read next? Leave a comment below!