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Italicised reviews are reviews of multiple books, be they a collection or a ‘top ten’ style review. These do not include reviews of a series, or books by the same author in one post.

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EVENT: Adventures at Bath Kids Lit Fest

Two Boys Kissing

Maggot Moon

The Bunker Diary


Top Five Books On My To-Read List

The Bone Season

The Magician’s Guild (Audiobook)

Cuckoo Song

Half Bad

The Grisha Trilogy: Ruin and Rising

Allegiant: Contains Spoilers!

The Hits, Part 2

The Hits, Part 1

The Chemical Garden Trilogy

A Little Bit of Gaiman

More Than This

Talking Terminal

My Library Haul

Divergent, Insurgent

In Which I Finally Read ‘The Hunger Games’

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